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To help you connect with your target market we offer 3 core services. See below to find out more.

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Prepare to seize your market

Belwether brings decades of research and sales expertise to the table. Our extensive market knowledge means we can find the right ‘fit’ between your business and your prospects. From simply identifying leads to comprehensive research and evaluation, Belwether can bridge the gap and help you connect with your target market.

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Company Profiling

You know which companies or markets you’d like to work with – but what’s your ‘in’? Using in-depth research, Belwether can identify your prospects’ specific projects and issues, allowing you to match your services to their needs.


Sales Lead Generation

An excellent choice to get your sales campaign off to a flying start. Belwether can identify, develop and qualify leads prior to passing them to your sales force. It saves time and money by eliminating dead ends and focusing your team on the more promising leads. Better still, you’ll know exactly how your products and services can engage with your target market.


Contact Discovery

Finding high quality sales prospects can be time-consuming and frustrating. Roles change, people change, so off-the-shelf contact lists go out-of-date very quickly. Belwether takes the pain out of lead generation and development, doing all the leg-work to give your sales team the best possible start to a new campaign.



"What I like about Belwether is that they can strike the right balance between having a sophisticated conversation with the prospects and achieving the required volumes. "

Chris Hoskin, Head of Marketing

"We also used another company which provided off-the-shelf lists, but the quality of those leads was nowhere near as good "

Orbys Consulting
Mark Sukiennik, Director



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