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Why choose Belwether?

There's plenty of reasons why you should choose Belwether and a few of them are below.

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Prepare to seize your market

Belwether brings decades of research and sales expertise to the table. Our extensive market knowledge means we can find the right ‘fit’ between your business and your prospects. From simply identifying leads to comprehensive research and evaluation, Belwether can bridge the gap and help you connect with your target market.

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Company Profiling

Belwether can identify your prospects’ specific projects and issues, allowing you to match your services to their needs.


Sales Lead Generation

Belwether can identify, develop and qualify leads prior to passing them to your sales force.


Contact Discovery

Belwether can find you high quality sales leads.


Why choose Belwether?

The first steps to winning new business are speaking the client’s language and understanding their needs. With 35 years of research, sales and consulting experience between them, Belwether’s partners can quickly grasp where prospects stand in the marketplace, and how your business can help them to succeed.

Our expertise helps cut to the chase. Use our experience of cold calling, business development and account management to bring a fresh new approach to your business.

Some of our clients find our research even helps shape their marketing strategies. Feedback from the prospects we call can help to make your campaign more effective, focusing on areas where support will be most appreciated.

Measuring the success of our work is important to Belwether. As well as trying to establish meetings with prospects for our clients where appropriate, we can use ACT, Goldmine, and other CRM systems to ensure we deliver to brief.

It won’t cost the earth either. Belwether is flexible enough to match its skills to your sales and marketing needs. With minimal overheads, cost savings can be passed directly to our clients.



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